New F5J model “Explorer”

First flights with new Explorer. New F5J plane shares airfoil with Xplorer 1, who is inferior compared to Xplorer 2 in F3J category, where he suffers in the zoom. But in F5J that part of flight is eliminated, and after one season of testing, “old” airfoil proved to be better overall.

This one is light version with IDS system installed in wings and removable nose. New slimmer fuselage with removable nose makes ballasting much easier. Even more important feature is, you can share one fuselage for light setup and heavy setup with more powerful motor, just by changing front part.

First impressions are good, circling capabilities are improved and model feels better in the air, due to servos moved closer to the root of the wing.

RTF weight starts from ~1150g.


Order yours HERE!

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